The Pier Love Founders Story


This is the story of how  came to be. One day I was out with friends on Anclote Fishing Pier, in Pasco County, Florida fishing. We always fish here and I had been for nearly 10 months on the regular every weekend sometimes Friday, Saturday and Sunday. When you fish one pier that regularly you meet people, make friends and really build a sense of familiarity with the people that regularly fish there.


One day in January, 2016 my fishin-friend's girlfriend invited one of her friends to join us for an evening of what was to be serious shark fishing. We like to kayak the baits from the pier and then tie up and wait. While the shark fishing was rather uneventful something amazing happened. I met the love of my life. The moment I saw her I was a changed man. Her eyes were brighter and bigger than the stars in the sky. Her smile wider and more pleasant than the moonlit horizon on the gulf. Her hair blowing gently in the light wind was fine like the hairs of a baby. The look she gave me pierced my soul and drained the cares of the world from my psyche. Even the total and complete focus on the shark fishing was gone.


We really were totally caught up in one another to an extreme sense that no one else was there. I couldn't breathe. She couldn't stop looking at me that way. I wasn't really sure why. I just knew I was completely and most purposefully changed. All the reasons for waking up each day were replaced by what was to be. Now in my defense this all seamed somewhat crazy even to me. I didn't know if she felt the same way, just had a gut feeling. The night was but a moment in time that seamed to last forever at first and then was over and we parted ways with a smile. Breathless and scared to death I would never see her again I went home.



A couple weeks passed and again she returned to the pier on a day I was there. Saturday Nights it seamed were going to be less about fishing and more about her. Now to be honest there was not too much touching or any kissing, not so many words were even said. Playful banter, some jokes. Lot's of bait flying out into the salt. Smiles and glances, and heartbeats so loud you could not hear the people around you. The night came and went much as the first. But ended with a sure fire... "I can't wait to see you again." These words were not spoken. But they were said.



Five weeks went by before I saw her again. Still I had not made a move. Still I had not been able to tell her about the kick drum beating in my chest. Not a day went by when I didn't think of her. Long for her gaze. Sometimes imagine her kiss. Imagine holding her in my arms. I said to myself if only this time I get the chance to tell her. On this day I was more outgoing, more direct. My messages were forward and yet succinct. I wanted her to know. All night we fished, again really without many words. But I said a lot with my body language. Positioning myself near her. Playful with somewhat aggressive banter like that of any male human wrought with overwhelming desire for a woman but unsure of the right approach. She was different. She was unlike any other woman I had ever met. Never was it more important to get it right.


On the close of the night as is the routine, I packed my gear into the eight rod cart I use to pack the main gear down the pier. And then I proceeded to get into the kayak to meet the gear at the end. This time though I had too many buckets with me. She offered to carry one. And with a smile I agreed to let her. To my surprise she was waiting for me at the landing where I launched the yak from. Waiting with the 5 gallon pail in her hands dangling like a lunch pail from both her hands. I have to tell you now this site was confirmation to me that she was feeling the same way I was. I knew my time was running out.


Now so you know we really were playing a game of discreet flirtation up until this point. I think out of courtesy for our mutual friends. Regardless she was there waiting for me in anticipation of my landing. I paddled up and picked up the yak enthusiastically and greeted her happily. We walked slowly to the truck. My friend had the cart, and they were all loading their gear. She waiting patiently for me to load the yak and then the cart and finally to collect my bucket. While she waited I asked her to save my number into her phone so that she could text or call. She was so excited. When she started to walk away I waited till she was about 30 feet away and then called out to her to come back over. She asked why and I was insistent. Finally she returned and as I pleaded for her to give me just another minute she turned to walk away and I grabbed her waiste and kissed her neck and smelled her hair. She said when can I text you and I said anytime. She floated away weak in the knees, letting go of her was difficult and holding on too long potentially awkward.



The next day mid morning she texted me, and we texted far into the day. We met for coffee at Dunkin Donuts later that day and truthfully she has not left my side since that day. What we have is magic, the stuff that fairy tales are made of. What's more is that each day gets better and brighter and as we learn about each other the love grows stronger and stronger.



On April 8, 2016 while leaving town to goto her Dad's place for the weekend in Lake City, Florida we were driving in the truck and I was in a corny mood. I was joking around and trying to tell her just what she meant to me. I said you know baby what we have is pure love.... then it hit me.,.... what we have is "pier love" ... lol and it was incredible the feeling and the joy and the power of it all. In one moment an entirely new point of view came to me.  Then in a moment I said we need a blog to tell our story.... I wonder if is taken surely its taken. I handed her my phone and said check it out... to my complete shock it was available... so I said get it.... and we did.... a lil bit later we made some other funny mention to the tune of #fishinandkissin.... as our slogan for the site.... Then it was as if God himself told me about a plan to build a business. It would leverage all of my talents and skills and be a shining example of our love.... pier love was a brand... we could build a company and market products to lovers and would be lovers that fish. Then we sat and went back and forth about all our ideas... we talked about the @Shaytards and how we could leverage the social media the way they did except to tell the stories of lovers that fish except to tell and document our amazing journey.


The weekend was fantastic and we enjoyed so many laughs and fun times. An amazing bonfire and a trip to the Ichetucknee spring... so much has happened in such a short period of time. She is my life and my true love. I thank God for her each and every day.



In closing, it is our hope that this site and our company, now formally a Florida Corporation, Pier Love Media Inc. will inspire you and yours to do as much Fishin and Kissin as is humanly possible. The world is what we make it, choose love. Fish long and Kiss longer friends. Tell your stories here, tell your friends and family too.


Thanks for reading.

James Beine - Co-founder, Pier Love Media Inc. #FishinandKissin



The Pier Love Founders Story
The Pier Love Founders Story